Ultimate Guide to Embedding Videos on Your Website

It is not surprising that video content embedded into a website garners more attention and brings an unmatched visitor experience. Besides enhancing experience, it also gives a boost to SEO to drive more traffic. Increased site time, higher CTR, and enhanced revenue are some of the benefits of social video production and embedding them into the website.

Here we will share some points that will help you embed videos on your website and boost its performance.

  • Embedding From YouTube

You have to go to the YouTube play page, click on the “Share” button, and then on the “Embed” button. Alternatively, you can copy the embedding code and then paste it into the website’s HTML code.

  • Embedding from Vimeo

Vimeo code for embedding is found by clicking the Share icon on the right hand. You will see a window with various frames in which one is the embedding code. You can click on Show Options and customize the way your video is displayed on the webpage.

  • Embedding from Visita

Go to the media page and then click on the “Embed and Share” button. You will see a screen where you can copy the embedding code and alter it as preferred for your webpage.

  • Embedding From Facebook

Every Facebook video comes with an embedding option. You have to click on “…” at the top right corner of the post, and the drag-down menu has an “embed” button. You can add the full text of the video also by clicking on “Include Full Post.”

  • Embedding From Instagram

Since Instagram is the property of Facebook, the embedding option is the same. Open the Instagram webpage (not the app) and then look for “…” on the top. The menu will give you an “embed” button that you can click to add to your website.

Final Word

The examples mentioned above are some of the most common ones that web owners use. You have the option to embed videos from other platforms such as Twitter, TikTok, Vidyard, and others. All About Content gives you an opportunity to develop HQ videos and embed them into your website for a boost in engagement.