Learn the Difference – Brand vs. Explainer Videos

Have you ever thought about preparing videos? Now that the world is going after them, it is time for you to do the same. Learning the art of making videos will help you tremendously in many ways. Knowing how to make videos can help many around the world on how to make videos. It is vitally important to know the difference between a learning video that of a promotional one. Here are some differences between both, so learn and ensure that you pick the right one:

  • Brand Video

When making a brand video, you must ensure to cover one aspect of the product or service. Pick a product that you feel has the potential to make your business a huge success. Make sure to know every detail about the product before preparing the video. Discuss the product but under the context of your business. The brand video will contain promotional content about your business.

The video will not sound too promotional. Just add enough promotional stuff that readers don’t get bored when reading through it.

  • Explainer Videos

Also known as tutorials or beginners’ guides, these videos are prepared for the sole purpose of informing the audience. As the name suggests, the purpose of the video is to inform the general audience about something. The video could be related to anything, but you must avoid marketing and promotional tone.

Make it from a neutral standpoint without indulging in marketing or promotion. The video must be clear with an audible voice. The video must not exceed the desired duration. Else the viewers may find it boring.

Lastly, keep the purpose of the video in mind to know who the audience is and what the videos must focus on. Keep these basics in mind, and your videos will fulfill the purpose you had in mind before preparing the videos.