Campaign Monitor – Secret-Shhh launches new conscious jewellery campaign via All About Content

A new campaign by All About Content is showcasing the brilliance of Secrets-Shhh stones, an uncompromising and sustainable alternative to mined diamonds.

Developed by John Dion and Gareth Carr for All About Content, the campaign is captured in a 6-film series, shot over 3 days at Chanticleer Gardens, a beautiful 5-acre property situated on the out skirts of Sydney.

In the first digital marketing campaign for the Noosa-based brand, chief marketing officer, Sue Szylvester said she was excited to see the brand come to life in this emotive campaign.

Says Szylvester: “Secrets Shhh is Home of The Diamond Alternative, and home to one of the most amazing selections of engagement rings and jewellery you will find anywhere.  With our new strategic direction, we wanted to partner with a creative team to bring our brand to life showcasing our stunning jewellery in emotive moments. All About Content was perfect for our goal, we achieved the look and the message bringing our brand to life in a way that everyone can relate to.”

John Dion, managing partner at All About Content said that the campaign aimed to bring a modern, ethical edge to the traditional celebrations of love, life and memories: “We’ve highlighted the bold and brilliant sophistication of Secrets-Shhh stones as the ethical and conscious choice in jewellery through short films that force us to re-think tradition. We wanted to make a statement for sustainability and position Secrets-shhh as the genuine lab grown alternative to mined diamonds.”

The breathtaking skyscapes allowed the team to fuse stunning natural sunsets with studio elements to bring the Secrets-shhh story to life.

Says Gareth Carr, director, All About Content: “To give the production a luxurious feel we created soft lighting. We did this by directing exterior lighting through diffusion outside the windows. The soft shadows and warm skin tones ensured that the jewellery popped off the screen. The final hero images were shot at golden hour to utilise the beautiful natural warm glow of the setting sun.”

The Secrets Shhh Campaign will be showcased on YouTube and the Secrets-Shhh website from Monday May 9th

For more information:

John Dion – Producer All About Content (
Gareth Carr – Creative Direction
Sue Szylvester – CMO Secrets Shhh
Natasha Farrell – Head of Design Secrets Shhh (
Gareth Carr – Director
Chris Elder -Gaffa
Rhiannon Heggie – HUM
Adele Hamer – Lead Talent
Marc @ Abes – Creative Service and Sound Design